Monday, August 15, 2022

WA Fouad and WA Normal are not compatible

WA Fouad and WA Normal are not compatible

WA Fouad and WA Normal are not compatible

There are many people who choose between WA Fouad and WhatsApp so that you can be more comfortable using this application. Here are the available mismatches. Fouad WhatsApp WhatsApp Original sends large files, sends limited files, reads deleted messages, cannot create its own objects, uses 2 accounts, limits message continuation, messages can be resumed, can close the application, cannot create thousands of objects, limited objects for scheduled messages cannot These are just some of the specifications that distinguish these two applications specifications. By looking at the very striking differences, it is clear that even now more people are willing to try to apply this WA mod.

What is Fouad WhatsApp Pro v9.35 Secure Download?

As explained above, even if you use this WA mod, you can be given an anti-ban or blocking specification by the developer faction. But of course the most serious problems can occur, because it can be diagnosed by the security methods of the original application developer and therefore your number will be blocked next.
Not only that, but even if your application is blocked by someone else, there is no collateral because in principle the application is illegal and therefore the presence of vulnerabilities etc. is very dangerous.
This time create your own Fouad WhatsApp, created by heymods, a blog that provides comparisons with other WhatsApps, such as WA Plus, Yo WhatsApp, etc.

Through the app
In this application itself, there is how to update Fouad WhatsApp, as follows.
- First you can open your WhatsApp application
- Then you can point to the settings or settings menu
- Specify the "Fouad WhatsApp Pro v9.35 Download" menu - then
Specify the "Update" menu - then
This application can check if there is an update or not
- If there is an update, then you can download it.


This Fouad WhatsApp Pro v9.35 download offers us advantages in terms of specifications, however, it is also important to consider it in terms of security. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you want to make changes with this wa mod or always use the application with the original that has been verified for security but has weaknesses in terms of specification. That's our review of this opportunity, happy exercise.

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